GALST is a medium-sized, modern and internationally oriented law firm.

We provide tailor-made solutions based on our customers' business and reality. We emphasize a good customer experience as well as being present, personal and accessible. Our customers range from small sole proprietorships to large listed companies, public authorities, municipalities, trade associations, pension funds and, not least, housing associations of all kinds. Our size means that we can assist with both small and large cases, and can provide the relevant specialist or team of employees needed to solve the task.

Since 2015, we have been included in Legal 500's list of the best law firms in Denmark. This is within the specialties of intellectual property law, dispute resolution, real estate and M&A. We work with a number of specialties, all of which you can read more about on this website.

With our membership of the international law and accounting network, Alliott Global Alliance, our clients have access to advice in 96 countries across 219 firms and with a total staff of 7,283 employees (as of June 2023). Allitt Global Alliance was recognized by LEGAL500 as "Top Ranked" among all global networks in 2023.

We have signed up to the Code of Conduct for Lawyers of the Association of Danish Law Firms, whereby we commit to the following five values: Openness, social responsibility, handling ethical dilemmas, focus on customers and employees, and diversity