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The Condominium Act and the standard by-law with comments

The Condominium Act and the standard by-law with comments

Kristian Dreyer is the author of the first legal commentary on the Condominium Act and the standard by-laws from 2020. This is a classic legal commentary in which the new Condominium Act from 2020 is reviewed and commented on clause by clause, but the normal statute is also included and commented on.

This presentation may differ from other, more theoretical presentations, and Kristian Dreyer makes no secret of the fact that he is a practitioner.

With this book, you get a practical reference work that you will enjoy using in everyday work life. It contains both commentaries on the provisions, but also gives you a basic introduction to the issues and topics to which the commented provisions relate. In this way, this legal commentary may differ from others, but legal commentaries do not necessarily always have to be similar.

The focus is on association law, as this is typically where the disputes and the many day-to-day questions arise.

Author: Kristian Dreyer.

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Condominiums and co-operative housing

This is a traditional legal textbook used in universities and other educational institutions for teaching purposes. The book is also used by courts and lawyers who handle cases involving condominiums and cooperative housing cases. The book provides an introduction to the law of associations and the two types of housing and reviews relevant case law. The book also includes a chapter on buying and selling condominiums and cooperative housing.

Condominium and cooperative housing law is reviewed and commonalities and differences are highlighted. The book is divided into four chapters: the law of associations, condominiums, cooperative housing and the transfer hereof. As the presentation is also aimed at non-lawyers, a number of practical issues are included, and there are some "detours" in the form of topics that may not directly relate to condominium and cooperative housing legislation, but which are nevertheless relevant when working with the two types of housing in practice.

The book is written in a way that hopefully can be used by property managers, real estate agents, lawyers, administrators, condominium owners, cooperative owners and anyone elected to the board of a condominium or cooperative housing association. The purpose of the presentation is to provide these practitioners with a presentation that covers the most important topics.

Author: Kristian Dreyer.

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The Real Estate Brokerage Act with comments

With this updated 2nd edition of Kristian Dreyer's commentary on the Danish Real Estate Brokerage Act (the Danish Real Estate Brokerage Act), the latest court and tribunal practice has been included. Compared to the first edition, the book has almost doubled in size. 

This book is a legal commentary on the Danish Real Estate Brokerage Act, which entered into force on January 1, 2015. The presentation deals with issues such as the scope of the Act, the duties of the real estate agent, the requirements for real estate brokerage companies, the content requirements for the sales documents and the real estate agents' liability for damages and compensation.

In this connection, special emphasis is placed on the inclusion of a number of rulings issued by the Complaints Board for Real Estate Brokerage and the Disciplinary Board for Real Estate Agents.

The book is aimed at anyone working with real estate and should be actively used by all lawyers, courts, universities, real estate agents, banks and mortgage credit institutions, etc. The book can be used by students in the real estate agent program and by university students in law school. The book is part of the curriculum at the Faculty of Law in Copenhagen.

Kristian Dreyer is a lawyer (H) and partner at GALST Advokataktieselskab in Copenhagen, where he is head of the real estate and construction department. He has a background in the real estate industry and has previously been a lecturer at Ejendomsmæglerakademiet in Lyngby. For a number of years, he has also been a lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Copenhagen, and today he teaches at CBS and lawyers and real estate agents, and not least the customer advisors at several of the country's financial institutions. He has conducted many of the subject area's court and tribunal cases, and thus has both a practical and theoretical approach to the subject. Kristian Dreyer has authored a number of other books, including the Danish Condominium Act with comments and co-authored the book Ejerlejligheder og Andelsboliger.

Author: Kristian Dreyer.

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From maximum price to excess price

This professional single is a review of the rules on maximum price and excess price when buying cooperative housing.

Authour: Kristian Dreyer