K2 item: Christian Steen Laursen

We have assisted authorities, organisations, banks, utility companies and other large enterprises with debt collection since 1982. Our clients include the largest Danish players within the energy sector, the real estate industry and rights owners’ organisations.

We work to create value for our clients through constant optimisation of the debt collection processes, procedures, standardisation of processes, IT systems and the use of new technology. Our clients have online access to their own cases through our web portal, which means that progress and balance information is always available.

We handle each individual case in accordance with the Danish Code of Professional Ethics and applicable legislation, including the legislation on processing of personal data. The guiding principle of our work is orderliness in our case handling and contact with the outside world.

Regardless of the complexity of the case, we handle it from beginning to end (one-stop-shop) as we draw on the competencies in the rest of the law firm, which cover ordinary full-service legal work.

For further information, visit www.svegainkasso.dk.