K2 item: Christian Steen Laursen, Kristian Strandberg Ivanov Dreyer

Business lease agreements are among the most important business contracts. For the lessor, there is a close correlation between the value of the property and the quality of the commercial lease agreement. Leaseholds are often protected in terms of termination under the Danish Commercial Leases Act and therefore extend over a long period of time. This places a heavy demand on the business lease agreement, which must be operative not just today but also in many years’ time.

For the lessee, the business lease agreement is also very important in a number of areas such as legal use, renovation and restoration obligations, maintenance distribution and termination protection. It may also be crucial whether the lessee has a right of assignment and is thus able to assign the company’s premises to a new lessee.

We provide assistance to a number of pension funds, property administration companies, property development companies and private businesses in connection with the conclusion of durable lease agreements and all issues pertaining to business lease law with which our clients become involved. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with cases concerning market rent, which requires significant practical experience and commercial insight.

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