K2 item: Hans Christian Galst, Christian Steen Laursen

Ownership transition is a long process, but the better prepared you are and the earlier you start your deliberations, the better the process and outcome.

In connection with ownership transitions, we provide advisory services in cooperation with the auditor on the subjects of the price for the company, company structure, financing and optimisation of direct and indirect taxes. However, everything should not be about the legal aspects since the timing of the actual ownership transition is essential for its success. The next generation has to be ready, and the emotional matters concerning the company have to be resolved. It is important not to lose customers and suppliers, and personal relations must be clear.

If the ownership transition is not within the family, the advisory services will often comprise planning and preparing for a sale. Our advisory services comprise preparation of the company for a sale with a view to obtaining the best possible price, assessment of whether the company should have a professional management, whether new external resources should be recruited and whether operations should be optimised.

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