K2 item: Lotte Lundin

When a company encounters financial difficulties, it can often be difficult for the owner and/or management to see the potential opportunities for continuing to operate the company. In most cases, a number of measures can be taken to save all or part of the company, and fast and efficient handling of the matter may be decisive.

Possible measures may include entering into an agreement with creditors on internal restructuring or attempts to secure external financing, potentially by obtaining new investors. There may also be considerations concerning restructuring of the company or concerning whether to file for bankruptcy. 

At GALST, we have in-depth knowledge and experience of managing all types of insolvency law issues. We have considerable experience in handling judicial winding up, liquidations, agreement procedures, voluntary arrangements, reconstructions and management of struggling business undertakings. In this connection, we also advise lenders and investors with the aim of achieving the best possible solution for the business and the creditors. 

We also have considerable experience in handling bankrupt estates in the role of trustee. We handle all types of bankrupt estates, both larger and smaller, and within all industries. We always work to ensure that assets are realised in the best possible way, for example in connection with a business transfer where, in addition, jobs are saved.

We also provide advice to private individuals with financial problems, including on options for debt restructuring, arrangement procedures etc., and we emphasise that any form of insolvency procedure must be conducted in the best possible way for the parties involved.