We have some of the most experienced attorneys to provide advisory services on intellectual property law and copyright law cases.

GALST is very strong in the field of intellectual property law issues and has for more than 30 years been attorneys for KODA, a non-profit collective rights management society that administers Danish and international copyrights for music creators and publishers, and has won several copyright cases of general public importance for KODA, Copydan and other similar management societies.

Since 2008, attorney Hans Christian Galst has on an annually recurring basis been appointed by Danmarks Radio to advise the finalists in the television shows X-Factor, Talent and Mentor on the record contracts etc. the contestants can win and be bound by.We also help a number of our clients, such as Sony, prevent infringement of their trademarks, design, patent and product rights and help prevent illegal copying of their products (product piracy) and such illegal products from coming on the market in Denmark. This is done in cooperation with our international network of law firms and with the customs authorities. In 2013, we received a special "client award" for our work for Sony Mobile Communications AB in this field.

Attorney Kristian Dreyer has litigated a substantial number of domain cases before the Complaints Board for Domain Names and the courts, and he advises on IT marketing law. Kristian has also recently litigated cases on unsolicited communications to consumers (spam) and litigated what is known as the "Boliga case" which concerned the right of an estate agent to aim marketing activities at the people trying to sell their homes through Boliga's self-sale concept.

Attorney Hans Christian Galst and Attorney Christian Steen Laursen also provide advice on good marketing practices and litigate cases on violation of marketing law and marketing law principles.