K2 item: Hans Christian Galst, Christian Steen Laursen, Kristian Strandberg Ivanov Dreyer

It is unpleasant for both companies and private individuals to become a party to a lawsuit or arbitration proceeding. As attorneys, we are obliged and interested to ensure that this does not happen. Detailed work with contracts between the parties may reduce the risk of conflict but conflicts cannot always be avoided. Once a conflict has arisen and it is not possible to reach an acceptable settlement the case has to go to court.

Litigation is about knowing the law and being extremely well prepared. The litigator must have commercial insight, must think quickly, be able to adapt the strategy to the circumstances and present arguments convincingly.

We litigate a significant number of cases at arbitration tribunals, the district courts, the high courts and the Supreme Court. We have litigated more than 1.200 cases since 2004.

Since 2015, we have had a ranking on The Legal 500’s list of the best law firms in Denmark. This ranking includes “dispute resolution”. The Legal 500 is the most prominent legal work of reference in the world. The Legal 500 is independent and based on annual interviews with clients and players within the relevant areas as well as their assessment of our work in the past year.

Several of our attorneys also act as arbitrators in private arbitration tribunals and we therefore have experience working on both sides of the table in arbitration proceedings.