K2 item: Hans Christian Galst

Media, sports and entertainment law is developing fast. The media industry is becoming increasingly digital, streaming services have become a permanent part of everyday life for the Danes, the entertainment industry now includes e-sport, many Danes read e-books, social media are flourishing and the liberalisation of the gaming legislation has created a steadily growing online gaming market.

This development creates a number of commercial opportunities but it also creates a number of legal challenges with respect to intellectual property law, privacy law and marketing law.

We provide advisory services on intellectual property rights, violation cases, privacy, publishing agreements, recording contracts, merchandise agreements, sponsor contracts, event agreements, concert agreements, agency agreements and management agreements.

We have advised artists, authors, athletes, musicians, publishing houses, agents, sponsors, media companies, sports associations and other relevant players within media, sports and entertainment law for many years.

We are attorneys for Koda, which ensures that artists, composers and song writers receive payment when their music is played in public space. We also provide advice to the finalists in the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s competition programmes “X Factor”, “Talent” and “Mentor” on the contracts which the participants may win and be bound by.

Since 2014, we have had a ranking on The Legal 500’s list of the best law firms in Denmark. This ranking includes intellectual property law. The Legal 500 is the most prominent legal work of reference in the world. The Legal 500 is independent and based on annual interviews with clients and players within the relevant areas as well as their assessment of our work in the past year.